A Brief Guide to Luxury Cruise Line Loyalty Programs

Crystal Cruises -----
Crystal Cruises’ Crystal Society extensively rewards repeat guests with a host of benefits that begin with automatic enrollment in the program after one’s first sailing of five or more days. To start, members receive a membership card and perks like special savings, a cocktail party, itinerary previews, priority brochure delivery, email newsletter, Passport magazine subscription and society host or hostess.

Milestone rewards are accrued thereafter towards free cruises, shipboard credits, penthouse upgrades and recognition dinners and celebrations. Cruise credits are tallied according to voyage duration with those between five and 15 days receiving one point and those of 16 days or longer receiving two. 

A whopping 21 tiers of milestone benefits are outlined by the Crystal Society from two to 100 milestone levels beginning with a complimentary tote bag and luggage tag. Milestone five starts to see at least a $150 onboard credit and an Emerald Society Pin. Credits increase in increments of $50 or more thereafter, and accommodation category upgrades begin at level 10 and a free cruise already at level 25. Other perks along the way include more recognition pins, private car transfers, specialty restaurant fee waivers and private The Vintage Room dinners.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises -----
The Seven Seas Society from Regent Seven Seas Cruises follows a five-tier program of benefits based on nights sailed, and guests are members automatically after their first voyage. Plus, referring a new guest that sails with the member gets the referrer a $100 onboard credit per guest on the cruise.

Otherwise, perks start at Bronze (seven-20 nights) with special savings, online profile access, itinerary and offer previews, a cocktail reception and double loyalty credits for single guests. At the Silver level (21-74 nights) additional benefits kick in like free two-item garment pressing, an hour of phone time, priority specialty dining and shore excursion reservations, a commemorative pin and the Society Pages newsletter.

Then at Gold (75-199 nights) add-ons include one free bag of laundry service, four-item total garment pressing, unlimited Internet access, three hours total of phone time, priority disembarkation, international newspaper service and exclusive onboard and off-board activities. At Platinum (200-399 nights) perks ramp up to free unlimited laundry service and garment pressing, nine hours total of phone time, one-time air deviation service, a 10 percent discount off shore excursions and hotel and land programs and leather luggage tags.

Finally, at Titanium (400-plus nights), guests also get free private transfers, dry-cleaning service, a 25 percent total discount off shore excursions and hotel and land programs and embarkation day suite access by 1 p.m.

Seabourn Cruise Line -----
After one’s first sailing, Seabourn Cruise Line begins to issue Seabourn Club guests Milestone Awards and Seabourn Club Points. Points designate your club level and redeemable perks of your choosing. Sailed days equate to one point each (or two points each when in a penthouse or premium suite). Plus, an additional point is earned for each night aboard an escorted Seabourn Journey and for every $500 of eligible onboard or pre-cruise purchases.

Base Seabourn Club membership (one to 19 points) comes with special events and receptions, a club host or hostess, 5 percent onboard booking savings, other special savings, itinerary and offer previews, Seabourn Club Herald subscription and an online profile. Once a Silver Member (20-69 points) extras include silver luggage tags, Seabourn Advisory Board membership and one choice of 10 percent shore excursion savings, 10 percent premium wines and spirits savings, a two-hour internet package, 20-minute phone package, massage, spa serene area day or bag of laundry service.

As a Gold Member (70-139 points) guests additionally get gold luggage tags, 10 percent savings off luggage shipping, advanced hosted sailing invitations, a Travel + Leisure or Conde Nast Traveler subscription and now two choices from the aforementioned perk list with the wine and spirit savings bumped to 15 percent, Internet package to three hours and phone package to 30 minutes. Then as a Platinum Member (140-249) guests also receive platinum luggage tags, upped 15 percent savings off luggage shipping, a dedicated Seabourn Club concierge and now three choices from the onboard benefits offerings with the shore excursion savings boosted to 15 percent, wine and spirit savings to 20 percent, Internet package to four hours and phone package to 40 minutes.

Once a Diamond Member (250-plus points) guests get diamond luggage tags, now 20 percent savings off luggage shipping and all the onboard perks with the wine and spirit savings padded to 25 percent, now unlimited internet time, complimentary laundry and pressing service and daily newspaper delivery. Above and beyond, as milestones at 100, 200, 500, 1,000, 1,500, 2,000 and 2,500 days are met, members will additionally be recognized at a special event with a gift from Tiffany & Co. and a free one-week cruise will be awarded at 140 days and a two-week one at 250 days.

Silversea Cruises -----
Silversea Cruises has its Venetian Society for repeat guests available after their first sailing, which comes with a newsletter, onboard recognition, private parties, 5 percent savings off select voyages, ship visitation privileges and milestone reward tiers, all of which include complimentary laundry service. Plus, those who refer new guests will receive $250 onboard credit and double cruise day credits when they sail with you, and the referred will also get 5 percent cruise savings.

Milestone breakdowns are per cruise days sailed with Sapphire (100 days) coming with 5 percent additional future cruise savings, Emerald (250 days) with 10 percent additional future cruise savings, Ruby (350 days) with the earlier savings plus a free one-week cruise in a veranda suite and Diamond (500 days) with the savings and a free two-week cruise in a veranda suite. And a complimentary one-week cruise is issued again every 150 days earned beyond.

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